Esthetic Dentistry

Dr. Smith offers several options for correcting and enhancing your child’s smile. Problems ranging from staining to unusually shaped teeth can be addressed.

Popular Esthetic Procedures

Here are a few of the procedures we provide:

  • Teeth whitening. Teeth can be stained for a number of reasons. They can be discolored from the time they erupt due to a developmental disturbance or they can acquire a stain from dietary factors, from trauma or from poor oral hygiene. Some patients have healthy teeth that are just a darker shade then they would prefer. All of these conditions can be addressed using a home whitening regimen. Dr. Smith will fabricate custom made trays and he will dispense a prescription strength gel that will gently and safely whiten the teeth.
  • Microabrasion. Some types of stains are better removed with a microdermabrasion process, where a very thin layer of enamel is abraded allowing the whitening agents to go deeper into the tooth, often into selected areas. This is accomplished in the office at one or two short visits, requiring no anesthesia. Sometimes selected areas of deep staining are treated with this method before the home whitening described previously is used.
  • Bonding. Tooth-colored composite restorative materials can be used in varying applications for cosmetic repairs and enhancements. These materials can be sculpted to repair small chips and large fractures, as well as used to build up unusually shaped teeth to a desirable, normal form. This method can also be used to cover underlying, deep stains.

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